Marguerite Wells maintains that the recent opposition to the wind farm is really just a handful of neighbors who are spreading misinformation to the other neighbors and that the project has widespread support from the community. But during the course of the December 17, 2015 Special Town Hall Meeting, Jude Lemke presented a petition to the Town Supervisor, Ann Rider, containing over 180 signatures of local residents who reside in the immediate vicinity of where the Black Oak Wind Farm is currently sited. The petitioners have asked the Town of Enfield to impose a temporary moratorium on the Black Oak Wind Farm project while the Town Board considers whether the setbacks and noise levels in the current town law should be modified to take into account new health and safety considerations that have arisen with respect to wind farm projects in the intervening 7 years since Enfield adopted its current wind energy law. Those signatures were collected in a mere 10 days before the date of the Special Town Hall Meeting. Further evidence that the project does not have the kind of widespread support Marguerite claims are the many signs in yards all around the area where the project is sited. To support our efforts to impose setbacks and noise limits that are safe for the residents of Enfield by signing this petition, please use the following submission link.